One day and half day circuit

Presenting the Auvergne

For some, the Auvergne culminates at the summit of the Puy de Dôme. Nevertheless behind this volcanic and (meteorological) emblem lies a hidden, unsuspected palette of landscapes, small villages and Romanesque churches to discover.
ARTENSES proposes to guide you throughout the Auvergne, with as the common theme, one of your passions or just simply your desire of the moment thanks to, theme-based, seasonal circuits, ‘around a town’ circuits (foresee a minimum of half a day), which will enable you to discover, with or without a guide, the surroundings of towns such as Moulins, Vichy, Roanne, Thiers, Montluçon, Clermont-Ferrand, etc...
Naturally we can pick ideas from left and right, for example, a circuit which integrates two or even three other circuits. Indeed, they will be adapted and fine-tuned to your tastes, depending on the place you arrived at, where you are staying and of course your availability. _