« After our meeting I was under the impression that your idea was great. Regarding the result I have to congratulate you for your sensibility and delicacy. Lionel Poilâne »

Lionel Poilâne

Michel Floirat : passer of emotions

Paris-Brisbane-Sao Tome-Clermont-Cressanges...

After many years of Parisian life, I have been greedily travelling through the small roads of the Massif Central behind the wheels of one of my classic cars.
In a previous life I lived in New York and Los Angeles. I wrote articles for discovery magazines such as Terre Sauvage, Forêt Magazine. I was a gastronomic critic on the radio (ouï F.M), a journalist and scriptwriter for television (TF1, France 2…), as well as writing articles for the women’s press. During this part of my life, I was lucky enough to meet wonderful people in New York, Paris, Sao Tomé & Principe, Tasmania and Lord Howe Island, a confetti of lava posed in the middle of the Pacific, four hours flight from Brisbane.
These journeys, these experiences have made me more open-minded. Today, fed by this same curiosity which incited me to travel to the antipodes, I would like to give some of my time to help others discover the Auvergne.
My greatest pleasure would be to you leave you with the impression of being more than just a simple tourist.